4 Main Benefits to Utilizing HIPAA Compliance Software

Whether your business is large or small, HIPAA compliance software is a great tool that can be used to quickly reach objectives. HIPAA guidelines have undergone some changes recently holding businesses responsible for ensuring that all patient health information is stored safely and properly as well as following the proper protocol for authorized sharing of a patient’s medical information. With HIPAA compliance software, businesses handling sensitive and confidential health information can help reduce risks of unauthorized patient information disclosure. Here are a few benefits to having HIPAA compliance software added to your system.

Easy tracking of patient information
Upgrading to HIPAA compliance software will help your business stay organized. Compliance software allows you to track and get patient information very easily. Since businesses are now directly responsible for how patient information is stored, shared and accessed, it is imperative that all company software is compliant with all security rules and HIPAA privacy rules.

Ensure you are meeting all standards and regulations
One of the most notable changes in HIPAA compliance and regulation is the HITECH Act. This act was put in place to make personal healthcare information easy to access electronically. Not only will having HIPAA compliance software make handling patient information easier; it can also save your paper expenses as your business will no longer have to worry about paper files. If your business fails to meet standards and regulations, there are a host of unfortunate monetary penalties involved. To make everything as easy a possible, you’ll be able to use the software to reference a HIPAA compliance checklist.

Track authorization and Forms
With HIPAA compliance software (also known as risk assessment software) you will be able to track all authorizations and disclosure forms. HIPAA regulations are very strict in that all disclosures must be authorized by the patient. You need to show that the patient understands and is fully aware that his or her information will be shared with a third party. Should an audit occur, you can easily pull up the authorization forms to show you have been compliant.

You will always be audit ready
Even if you don’t have HIPAA compliance software at the moment, it should be seriously considered. All businesses had until the beginning of 2015 to prove they are compliant with the HITECH Act as well as other mandated compliances. Having HIPAA compliance software in place can keep you ahead of the curve during an audit. The purpose of an audit is to look for any non-compliance and any disclosures that were not authorized properly. The software is simple to use and will alert you to any instances in which compliance may be compromised. You can run reports to ensure that you are following all compliance protocol properly. Having this type of software in place is a safe way to ensure that you won’t be penalized for non-compliance especially if you are working with third parties.

By having a solid tracking system to ensure HIPPA, compliance is very important. Your business will be able to prove that you are doing your due diligence within HIPAA compliance regulations. Being able to pinpoint when and where a patient’s information has been shared on demand will make your business run more smoothly and organized.